: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

We Are Ridiculously Passionate!

Catalystic Events

A Passion for the ´Next Level´

 As individuals we are as passionate as one can be about realizing our own full potential in life. The possibility of helping others do the same just makes the ride even more exhilarating.

Yes, we are business people, who cannot help but continuously optimize our business. However, our motivation for doing what we do is much more personal! We work our tails off to deliver inspiring and perfectly executed events with the purpose of enabling you to reach your ´next level.´

See you onboard,
Catalystic Events

Catalystic Events

Our Vision

Catalystic Events aspire to empower you to realize your full potential, ensuring you will live every day – of the rest of your life – to the fullest!

Our Mission

We deliver world-class speaking events tailored to inspire, challenge and entertain you, while connecting you with an extensive network of ambitious and driven peers.

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