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Gain Multiple Benefits from a Sponsorship with Catalystic Events

We are regularly looking for new sponsors for our events, e.g. of marketing material, print material, food, beverages, healthy snacks, market entry products as well as banner ads – or even sponsors of the entire event.

As sponsor of an entire event, your company logo will appear on all our tickets, and your company name will be mentioned in connection with the event name at all times.

When sponsoring an event, you contribute to strengthening the network, wherefore we are very appreciative of all interest in support of our events. But did you know that sponsorships can be mutually beneficial?

Catalystic Events

How Does Your Company Benefit from Being Sponsor of Catalytic Events?

Sponsorships can be an effective way of boosting the positive perception of your company image compared to traditional advertising. Sponsorships can include financial contributions as well as products or services of various kinds.
The high levels of visibility makes sponsorships a useful tool for connecting with new audiences.

To gain the best possible effect from your sponsorship, we always recommend a relevant match between your company’s activity, products, or service and the event.
Contact us if you are in doubt, and we will be happy to discuss your sponsorship opportunities.

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About Our Partnerships

We love to partner up with other skilled people to find new ways in which we can support each other with ressources or by sharing experiences.

We carefully select the partnerships in which we enter, as we want to ensure that the quality and values of our partners correspond with our own, but we are always open to discuss new opportunities and their potential.

What Our Partners Say

“We share a belief that personal growth creates a higher performance in your work life. In our cooperation with Catalystic Events we strive to create an educational platform that encourage people to engage and react upon the challenges they face in life and succeed with both personal and professional actionplans.”


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